Enriching and Nurturing Young Minds
Located in
Poplar Grove
United Methodist Church
Route 173, 105 E. Grove St.
Poplar Grove, Illinois  61065




The purpose of Poplar Grove Preschool is to provide enrichment activities and opportunities to facilitate the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth. 

This is accomplished through the use of structured and unstructured discovery time, outdoor time, physical activities, small group time, music, art, drama, dance, and story times. 




Assist in developing a child who:

  • Has a positive self-concept

  • Is able to work and play with children and adults

  • Deals with his/her emotions

  • Is physically coordinated

  • Can orally communicate (talk, ask questions, listen)

  • Expresses himself/herself in many ways (movement, art, building
    materials, drama, music, spoken word)

  •  Is curious and wants to learn 

  • Has readiness skills for full time school







Each group of 20 children (maximum) is led by a licensed, qualified teacher and a qualified teacher assistant who have had special early childhood education training.  At times an additional teacher or assistant is added.